Happy Labor Day 2014!

Work by Ford Maddox Brown (1863) http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ford_Madox_Brown_-_Work.jpg

Work by Ford Maddox Brown (1863)

Although Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday in September in the United States, International Workers’ Day or Labour Day is traditionally celebrated on the first Monday in May in most European countries. Whether you’re working today or not, I hope you have an enjoyable time.

- Jillian



I originally planned to hang out my “Gone Writing” sign this month, but life had other ideas. I still won’t be blogging, but unfortunately I won’t have much time to write either. While I’m away on an unexpected writing hiatus, here’s a list of 5 things you can do until I return.

Dolce far niente by Auguste Toulmouche (1870)


1. Explore my site and archives.

2. Write.

3. Participate in Read-a-Romance Month.

4. Try something or someplace new.

5. All of the above.

6. Clean my house.

OK, I  added the last one to see if you were paying attention, but feel free to volunteer if you want. (WARNING: Beware of the dust bunnies.) To apply click on contact page.

See you in September!
(I hope.)






2014 Golden Heart Update: #RWA14 Photo Album Part 4 (RITA / GH Awards Ceremony)

Lia Riley, Grand Central Forever debut NA author

Saturday, July 26th EARLY MORNING: I had breakfast with Lia Riley, and fellow 2014 Golden Heart finalist Piper Huguley and I went to the Avon Impulse Meet and Greet. Nicole Fischer and other editorial staff shared information, answered questions, and took pitches in a small, quiet, and relaxed atmosphere. I met historical romance author Lauren […]

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2014 Golden Heart Update: #RWA14 Photo Album Part 3

fri. st martins press jennifer enderlin

Friday, July 25th After successful morning pitches, I attended the Agent / Author Relationship workshop and the St. Martin’s Press Spotlight. My friend Tammy Baumann introduced me to her agent Jill Marsal, and I briefly spoke with Jennifer Enderlin. Since I missed the Avon Spotlight Thursday, I spent time visiting with the lovely and friendly […]

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2014 Golden Heart Update: #RWA14 Photo Album Part 2

(left to right) Historical romance authors Eloisa James, Julia Quinn, and Connie Brockway

Thursday, July 24th In the morning several of my fellow GH finalists and I attended the workshop presented by historical romance authors Eloisa James, Julia Quinn, and Connie Brockway. Terrific advice for any romance author regardless of the subgenre they write.     Had a great chat with Senior editor Micki Nuding after the Pocket […]

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2014 Golden Heart Update: #RWA14 Photo Album Part 1

RWA14 reg line Louisa

Tuesday, July 22nd After several misadventures while packing and traveling with my friend and chapter mate, Traci A., I  arrived in San Antonio. Due to only two and a half hours of sleep and a misplaced cell phone, I didn’t take photos of authors Jacqui Nelson, Elisabeth Burke, and Ella Quinn, my Golden Heart (Dreamweavers) […]

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2014 Golden Heart® Finalists Update: T’was the Week Before RWA®14 (abbreviated version)

©2014 Dream Weavers  (Photo courtesy Asa Maria Bradley)
Pin arrangements by 2014 Golden Heart finalists Denny S. Bryce (design search) and Asa Maria Bradley (pin maker search and orders)

T’was the week before nationals when all through the loop, E-mails were stirring with the latest news for the group. The nervous excitement hung in each heart and the air, In the hopes that July 23rd soon would be there. When what to each overflowing inbox did appear, But a photo of the Dream Weavers […]

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2014 Golden Heart® Finalists Update: Dresses, Pins, and Photos! Oh, My!

©2014 RWA® Photo by Jillian Lark

Some finalists bought WOW! dresses for the awards ceremony. Sorry. I won’t reveal any sneak peeks. You’ll have to wait until Sat., July 26th. We ordered pins for our group, the Dream Weavers, and will wear them on our badges at the Romance Writers of America® ( RWA® ) conference later this month. Since the […]

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Happy Fourth of July 2014!

Opening of the Great New York and Brooklyn Bridge and Grand Display of Fireworks  (American School)

  Have a wonderful day with friends and family! ~ Jillian  

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Gone Writing Summer 2014

Writing space in the Emily Carr House (Victoria BC)

Return Gone writing until July 4th! Meanwhile enjoy exploring my site. ~Jillian  

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