Hiatus Through Spring 2017

Wheat Field with a Lark by Vincent Van Gogh (1887) http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Van_Gogh_-_Getreidefeld_mit_Mohnblumen_und_Lerche.jpeg

Wheat Field with a Lark by Vincent Van Gogh (1887)

I’m taking an unplanned break from blogging and most social media through Spring 2017. I’ll be on Twitter when I can, so look for me there.

In the meantime, please explore my blog. If you’re interested in the RWA® Golden Heart® contest, search “Golden Heart” to view related posts. Since the entry and scoring rules vary each year, please click the link below for current changes.


My apologies to blog visitors and readers for the extended absence. To follow me on Twitter, click the icon in the right side bar. If you wish to reach me, please use the contact page. All comments and replies to this post will be private.

Thanks and Best Wishes!~Jillian

The PBS Antiques Roadshow Part 3: In Front of the Cameras

If you missed Parts 1 & 2 and want to read them before continuing, click on the link below this post.

All in Good Time, My Pretty (The Watch Appraisals):

After the jewelry appraisals, I left the curtained area to search for my friend Linda. She was waiting by the nearest exit and shared the results of the watch appraisals by Paul Winicki, Founder of Radcliffe Jewelers. [TIP: Before you separate from your companion(s), pick a place to meet up.]

Paul Winicki ©2014 PBS.org

Remember the Disney Cinderella watch (below left) mentioned in Part 1? It was considered a collectable rather than an antique and eliminated from the appraisals. Linda noted how to open the other 2 watches, the makers, materials, restoration costs, and values.

Watch collection ©2014 Jillian Lark (http://jillianlark.com)

Watch collection ©2014 Jillian Lark

The copper-colored metal lapel watch (above middle) belonged to my late paternal aunt. After sliding open the watch using a penknife, Paul examined the broken workings inside. Restoring the Swiss watch made by Seneca would cost more than its value.

My father gave me the open face pocket watch (above right). The white enamel paint was already chipped and the dial broken. Until Paul showed Linda, I had no idea that a simple twist or spin of the back cover would open the watch and reveal the inner movements.

Pocket watch (back cover removed / movements exposed) ©2014 Jillian Lark (http://jillianlark.com)

1900’s pocket watch (back cover removed / movements exposed) ©2014 Jillian Lark

The gold-filled railroad pocket watch by the Havlin Watch Company had a 21 jeweled movement and a standard engraved design common in the early 1900’s. The watch was valued a bit less than the cost to restore its damaged parts.

After the watch appraisals, Linda heard excited voices and saw frantic motioning toward the blue-carpeted area. Two people had brought valuable antique watches and jewelry, and the TV crew prepared the set for filming. Volunteers directed Linda toward the exit, so she left.

Tap the Camera Button Three Times and Think There’s No Place Like the PBS Antiques Roadshow:

Due to the well-organized process, our actual visit only took about 80 minutes. (TIPS: Arrive at least 45 minutes before your assigned time to deal with parking, etc. The wait time depends on how crowded your category lines are and whether you’re scheduled for early morning or later in the day. Plan on a minimum of 1.5 hours or longer, especially if you want to grab freebies from the sponsors, etc.)

Cover of my PBS Antiques Roadshow event guide ©2014 Jillian Lark (http://jillianlark.com)

Cover of my PBS Antiques Roadshow event guide ©2014 Jillian Lark

Linda and I had a great time, but neither of us wanted to participate in the Feedback Booth. Our friend Carolyn and her husband Jim were interviewed on camera. Carolyn accidentally attributed the wrong time period to the sword they brought. She didn’t know if her part would be cut or when the Austin episodes would air, but she and Jim took at least 3 great selfies on their cell phones.

Linda and I returned home about 2 hours after we departed without encountering flying monkeys, wizards, hot air balloons, and squished or melted witches. Thanks, PBS Antiques Roadshow!


The PBS Antiques Roadshow Part 2: Behind the Curtain

Last week I posted The Antiques Roadshow Part 1: We’re Off to See the Appraisers! . . . Please click here if you wish to read or reread it before proceeding to Part 2. Pay Attention to That Crowd Behind the Curtain: As the volunteer escorted my group of 10 people through the curtain opening, […]

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The PBS Antiques Roadshow Part 1: We’re Off to See the Appraisers! . . .

No Tornadoes, Just Tickets and Preparation: Last Spring I entered the online ticket lottery and won 2 admission tickets, which I received in the mail a month before the weekend event. My friend Linda wanted to come and offered to get appraisals on some of my family treasures. I photographed and researched the heirlooms before selecting […]

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Happy Labor Day 2014!

Although Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday in September in the United States, International Workers’ Day or Labour Day is traditionally celebrated on the first Monday in May in most European countries. Whether you’re working today or not, I hope you have an enjoyable time. – Jillian  

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I originally planned to hang out my “Gone Writing” sign this month, but life had other ideas. I still won’t be blogging, but unfortunately I won’t have much time to write either. While I’m away on an unexpected writing hiatus, here’s a list of 5 things you can do until I return.   1. Explore […]

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2014 Golden Heart Update: #RWA14 Photo Album Part 4 (RITA / GH Awards Ceremony)

Saturday, July 26th EARLY MORNING: I had breakfast with Lia Riley, and fellow 2014 Golden Heart finalist Piper Huguley and I went to the Avon Impulse Meet and Greet. Nicole Fischer and other editorial staff shared information, answered questions, and took pitches in a small, quiet, and relaxed atmosphere. I met historical romance author Lauren […]

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2014 Golden Heart Update: #RWA14 Photo Album Part 3

Friday, July 25th After successful morning pitches, I attended the Agent / Author Relationship workshop and the St. Martin’s Press Spotlight. My friend Tammy Baumann introduced me to her agent Jill Marsal, and I briefly spoke with Jennifer Enderlin. Since I missed the Avon Spotlight Thursday, I spent time visiting with the lovely and friendly […]

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2014 Golden Heart Update: #RWA14 Photo Album Part 2

Thursday, July 24th In the morning several of my fellow GH finalists and I attended the workshop presented by historical romance authors Eloisa James, Julia Quinn, and Connie Brockway. Terrific advice for any romance author regardless of the subgenre they write.     Had a great chat with Senior editor Micki Nuding after the Pocket […]

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2014 Golden Heart Update: #RWA14 Photo Album Part 1

Tuesday, July 22nd After several misadventures while packing and traveling with my friend and chapter mate, Traci A., I  arrived in San Antonio. Due to only two and a half hours of sleep and a misplaced cell phone, I didn’t take photos of authors Jacqui Nelson, Elisabeth Burke, and Ella Quinn, my Golden Heart (Dreamweavers) […]

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