J.K.Rowling, I’m Not So Different*

I’m a writer, too. When I was a child, I lived in England and played in the forest with my sister. I created a make-believe kingdom, wrote my first novel, and won an award for my writing. My first and last initials were the same as yours, and my family had a  light blue Ford Anglia.

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OK, I realize you might doubt the truth of some or all of the statements above. I admit I am not a famous, published author earning huge, well-deserved royalties. The novel I wrote when I was eight years old only had four chapters, and the writing award I won was for a fire prevention slogan. Sadly, our Ford Anglia lacked the ability to fly.

Maybe I should rename this post “Six Degrees of Separation Which Have Nothing to Do with Kevin Bacon.”

*Thanks for the inspiration, Deb.


  1. GREAT web page and blog. Looking forward to visiting regularly

  2. I vote for the six degrees of separation title. Very catchy. And if you wrote a novel at 8 you’re way ahead of the game. I didn’t start writing until, well, polite women don’t mention their age. Let’s just suffice it to say it was late in life.

    • Nanette, I like the six degrees of separation title, too; but I was afraid social media sites might crop the title. I’m not sure anyone would view “Six Degrees of Separation Which Have Nothng to Do.”

  3. Deb Sanders says:

    Huge royalties from the Big 6 are rare these days. You should consider Indie publishing. Hint, hint! Hey, it allowed me to quit my day job after only four months. So glad you finally got your site up and going. I subscribed so I can keep up with your news!

    • Deb, congratulations on your fantastic success in Indie publishing! Hint noted.

      Thanks for the subscribing to the site. You do remember you’re being featured on the Writer Fairy page next week, right?

      • Deb Sanders says:

        I’ll make sure to add an extra sprinkling of “fairy dust” on my wings! LOL

  4. Hi Jillian, I just had to stop by and check out your new site. It’s absolutely lovely! Congrats on your successes so far, and I hope they keep on coming for you! Best, Sasha

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