Haley Whitehall and Nanette Littlestone
Haley and Nanette are terrific online editing partners, and I couldn’t feature one without the other. The three of us met by chance, but we’ve never met in person or talked on the phone.

We took back-to-back writing classes with expert instructor, Margie Lawson.* Deep-edits and dialogue cues and body language! Oh, my!  Fifty page lectures and questions and rewrites! Oh, ____! (Insert expletive of your choice.)

Due to Nanette and Haley’s support I survived what seemed like a yearlong slumber party. I don’t think I’ve caught up on my sleep, but I’d go through the experience again as long as they were my editing partners. I value their friendship and the fact that they appreciate my wacky emails.

These ladies have unique talents as writers, too. Here are their author bios in alphabetical order by first name.

Haley Whitehall is an Indie author who writes historical fiction set in the U.S. during the nineteenth century. She published her debut novel Living Half Free in February 2012. Her goal is to shed light on little-known history and as a result her out-of-the-box stories often feature an underdog. To find out more about Haley click here.

Nanette Littlestone is a freelance editor, author, graphic designer, and food lover. She has an affinity for words, relationships, ancient Rome, and Celtic things and places. Her upcoming novel, The Sacred Flameis book one in a women’s fiction trilogy, which explores the wonders and heartbreak of love from ancient Rome to 1940’s Ireland. To find out more about Nanette, click here.

*I hope to feature the fabulous Margie Lawson on this blog soon.


  1. Carrie Murgittroyd says:

    Hi Haley and Nanette! (waves like crazy) It’s soooo good to see your lovely faces and to find out what’s new in your writing lives!


    • Carrie, I wish I could see your lovely face, too! It’s been a long time since that first Margie Lawson class, and I’ve missed having you as our “Fourth Musketeer.” Actually, I might have been the last one to join the group, but “you mean what I know.”


  1. Writer Fairy says:

    […] you have a minute please check out the article and her new […]

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