LARK’S EYE VIEW: Two Week’s Notice or What Do My Site Stats Mean

Dear Visitors,

I officially activated my site on the 17th of April, and I found myself checking the site stats daily. OK, more than once a day. I wanted to see who noticed my site during the previous 2 weeks.

I’m fascinated by the fact that I can click and have instant access to statistics, a subject I abhorred in school. I’m still learning about the significance of clicks, referrers, search engines, and pingbacks. Maybe I’ll be stat savvy someday.

However, I do understand that my site averaged 100 views a day for the 14-day period. The highest number of views (206) occurred on the first day. A friend told me those numbers were good. I’m just glad people visited my site.

The majority of views came from the U.S., which isn’t surprising, nor were the over 50 views from the U.K. and Canada. However, I’m not sure what led to the 7 views from France. If you know, please contact me.

Regardless of where you live or when you visited, I’m thrilled you did. Hopefully you’ll return often. Please leave a comment next time, so I can learn more about you and what you think.

I promise to reply promptly rather than look at stats. However, I might have to remove the peanut butter from my eyeglasses first.

Thank you and merci!

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