RESEARCH: Once Upon a Time Part 3

We’ve passed the red letterbox from Part 2 last week and are on our way to the “real” mansion for lords and ladies. We won’t dally as long as I did as a child, but here are some of the places that piqued my curiosity.


I was enthralled with visions of being invited inside these homes for tea or . . .


living behind ivy covered walls or bright colored doors.

© 2010 by Simon K.

I imagined fighting the smuggler who once owned this Georgian public house or the ghostly inhabitants who supposedly haunted it at night.  Even the church with its graveyard didn’t deter me. In my stories I was invincible.

© 2009 Sophie Sampson

Don’t worry! We’re almost to the main entrance to the mansion with its pineapple finials and wrought iron gate.  I promise not to swing on it this time, so you can see the red brick Tudor mansion.

©2004 Roland Shaw

Sorry. I’m afraid Elizabeth I, Charles II, and Prince Albert beat us here by over 150 years. From the 16th to 19th century the original E-shaped building, grounds, and ownership changed. No lords lived here, but quite a few ladies did. However, several viscounts and a reverend resided in the mansion until a local brewery owner purchased the property. In the late nineteenth century he deeded the mansion and land to the town for public use and preservation.

Sorry, I’m late and have to rush home. Unfortunately my mother doesn’t think I’m invincible. Meet me here next week, and we’ll go inside the mansion.


  1. Beautiful pictures, looking forward to the inside.

    • Thanks, Gary! Not all the photos are mine, but I found some great ones and made a new contact. Sophie, who took the gate photo, is a very talented producer/researcher/writer for playful interactive projects and is based in London UK. The flatlanders site was her long term personal research project when she lived in East Anglia, but her current site is

      I’m glad you’ll be back for next week’s visit inside the mansion. Thanks for leaving a comment!

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