Writer Whisperer of the Week: Gary Brandt

You’re not in the wrong place. This week Gary Brandt is my first male honoree. Being the princess that I am, I’ve proclaimed him Writer Whisperer of the Week.

I used to meet with Gary and other writers from our local RWA chapter. Sometimes he and I were the only ones who came. We critiqued each other’s work, but I know he helped me more than I helped him.

Gary is terrific at catching detailed errors in logic, which frankly is not how my brain works. Having access to his male writer’s point of view is invaluable. I also love reading his stories and have three favorite ones I want to share.

“Hot Link” is a short story about a lawyer, who Googles his name and sees a link to another man with the same name. When the lawyer clicks on the link, he becomes the other man. I’m ready to pay money to see this story at the movie theater, and I bet I’m not alone. Gary, what are you waiting for? Pitch and sell it!

One of These Nights is a WIP (Work in Progress). It’s a paranormal novel with a twist. The hero is a hairdresser in a small town, which is invaded by the Devil and his half human daughter. Gary, please watch Zombieland and finish this novel.

Gary and I like the same movies, even the ones that weren’t big box office hits. I was excited and apprehensive when he told me about Bourne Beginning. It’s the prequel to the other books and movies in the series. The novel covers Jason Bourne’s life before Treadstone and his previous and current relationship with Nicky Parsons. Gary has my permission to finish this novel, too, with one condition. DO NOT KILL NICKY PARSONS! The princess has spoken.

Here’s a list of Gary’s works, which are an interesting mix of science fiction and romance.

Short Stories – Only If You Catch Me, Hot Link, A Christmas With Spirit (2nd place winner in the Lockhart Eugene Clark Library Contest), Just Your Thoughts; Maybe Not, Chooser of the Slain, Dancin’ in the Moonlight

Novels – Trashcan Baby and The Solerian Connection series: Book 1 Solerian Waterfall, Book 2 The Hybrid Robotic Automobile, Book 3 Solerian Honeymoon, Book 4 The Rescues (WIP)

Other WIP – One of These Nights and Bourne Beginning


Gary doesn’t have a website yet. If you’re a literary agent, editor, or movie producer interested in Gary’s writing, send an email to this site. I’ll forward it to him. What are you waiting for?


  1. Kristin Noel Fischer says:

    Way to go, Gary!

  2. Thanks, Jillian. It’s all from writing in good company.

    • Gary, thanks for the compliment. I still break the rules like I did when I was a child, so I’m not always good. I’m just better at being secretive. Could that be another reason why I have a pen name? I’ll never tell.

  3. Your comment about Bourne Beggining and Nicky Parsons got me thinking, I’ve haven’t seen Julia Stiles in anything since the last Bourne movie. Have you?

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