Writer Fairy of the Week: Cheryl Rae

Although Cheryl and I were in the same local RWA chapter, we really didn’t meet until serendipity intervened. She wanted to sell one of her Mac computers at the same time I needed to buy a newer Mac. Desperately. (When you have to use the Rosetta Stone to translate data, you’ve waited too long to upgrade. Just saying.)

When it was time for my website to awaken after six month’s hibernation, I contacted Cheryl. True, there would be a beautiful header when visitors clicked on my site. However, unless Cheryl uploaded, re-sized, and wrapped my photos and text, there would be nothing else to see and read. Not an effective way to create a web presence.

What I like best is working with Cheryl. Besides being patient with people who are technologically challenged, she solves problems promptly. When I send emails that begin with “You know that thing that filters stuff out,” she understands what I mean. I wish I could do a Vulcan mind meld on her brain. It sounds less painful than installing the Rosetta Stone on mine.

That’s why I’m letting Cheryl tell you about herself and talents for the rest of this post. You’ll see what I mean.

Cheryl Rae Fine artist, graphic artist, webmaster and hopeful published author/screenwriter.

I create works of art for galleries, web design, romance trading cards, book marks, You name it! A bonafide SyFy junkie, I work from home and create one of a kind mosaics and dream up wild ideas to write about.

My WIP’s include:

an historical romance set in the civil war period, North Carolina about the first woman lawyer in America entitled Illusions.

a contemporary sci-fi thriller about a dream center and stolen identities entitled Just a Dream.

a dystopian mainstream about people being born with crop circles tattooed on their arms entitled Gaia Children.

This is one of my mosaic triptych’s. It’s called “Woman.”

Email me! Cheryl Rae




  1. Cheryl is fantastic. Warm, friendly, support, and yes, quick to respond. She was a great help with a coding question I had. And the art work is amazing. I had no idea.

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