From Pixar to Publishing, Why Answers May Vary

Dear Jillian and Visitors,

As a Writer Fairy I am accustomed to responding to questions, not writing blogs. Therefore Jillian suggested I peruse blogs to find out what other authors were discussing and provide links to the top two posts. Here are my recommendations:

1. “The 22 Rules of Storytelling, According to Pixar” is compiled from tweets by Pixar storyboard artist, Emma Coats. Number 9 is Jillian’s favorite new way to get unstuck when writing, but all the rules are valuable tips for great writing. Click here.

2. Historical romance author Beverley Kendall bares all in “The Tale of Two Publishing Roads,” including the actual dollar calculations and advice on which promotional expenditures are profitable. Beverley doesn’t just tell; she shows you the money. Click here.

Which are the two top writing blog posts you’ve read recently and why should writers read them? Answers may vary.

The Writer Fairy

P.S. Please share your other writing questions here or in the ASK the Writer Fairy blog category. We wouldn’t want Jillian to think this site is all about her.

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