The Maltese Lark

The strangest things happen with my website.

In June a few friends and I solved the mystery of the ads. Now when I enter my website address in Google Translate, messages indicating “Maltese Detected” or “Translate from Maltese” appear on my computer screen. Since I am not Maltese literate, I don’t have a clue about why this is occurring.

Where is Humphrey Bogart when you need him? Or since I write about Victorian England, where is Sherlock Holmes? I’d be willing to change this blog title to “The Case of the Maltese Lark.”

In the meantime if any of you tech savvy sleuths out there know how to solve this mystery, please let me know. Don’t tell Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey, Jr. and their respective Dr. Watsons. They’re welcome to to investigate the scene of the crime anytime. After all, one can never have too many Sherlock Holmes personas solving a case.

From Photos to Royalties, Why You Should Be Wary

Dear Visitors,

Jillian is completing another project and asked me to post links to two important blogs I read this week.

Do you post photos on the Internet? Read what happened to author, Roni Loren.

Do you want to be or have you been a contracted author with Harlequin?
Here’s a must read blog.

Your guest blogger,
The Writer Fairy

P.S. Jillian sends best wishes to her local RWA chapter mates who are pitching at Nationals in Anaheim. She would cheer, but her pom-poms are covered with dust bunnies.

Finding Jillian Lark

Dear Lost and Found,

I appreciate your interest whether you intentionally found my website or not. If you’re looking for something else on the Internet, you aren’t the only one who wonders why you were sent here. The following list of recent Google search referrals is dedicated to you.

    1. My father’s princess always in Gaelic
    2. World lark pens
    3. Carriage house symbol on houses
    4. Gate post finials are too big for post.
    5. Victorian era doors
    6. Victorian era toy glassware
    7. Wrought iron pineapple finial
    8. Edible pineapple
    9. Dust lark logo
    10. Love by lark header
    11. Pixar writer blogs
    12. What is Jillian Michaels middle name?
    13. Who is Chris Campillo married to?

I admire your persistence and hope you find what you want soon. You’re welcome to visit here anytime.


P.S. I know the answer to number 13, but I’m not telling. I’m still searching for a letter and the rest of my dinner forks.