What Would You Put in a Package to Be Opened in 100 Years?

In case you missed the media coverage on August 24th, this is not a photo of the 100 year-old package opened in Norway. I watched the live video as one of the museum curators carried the actual package to a building while men in Scottish kilts played the bagpipes.

What were the bagpipe players doing in a village in Norway? They were participating in a joint cultural celebration and reenactment of a battle, which the Norwegians won against Scottish mercenaries in 1612. After musical and dance performances, the package was finally opened. What was inside? Click on the links below to find out.

So why am I writing about this event if I’m not going to divulge the contents of the package? I wondered what I would put in a package to be opened in 100 years. My manuscript, family photos and artwork, old letters, and my website url? Probably. Not the bills that came in the mail or the ones in my wallet. I wouldn’t include the newspaper I didn’t have time to read or the dust bunnies loitering in the corner either.

What would you put in a package to be opened in 100 years?


Norwegian TV video with short ad
Same video from youtube with no ad
Huffington Post article and video with a longer ad


  1. What a wonderful leading question! Not technology; I fear that would not last the time. Writing, and then artefacts, probably…and photos, carefully preserved. The future would be bleak indeed if we couldn’t pass our words on to the next generations. Great post, great question, thank you.

    • We have similar ideas about what to put in our packages. Thanks for the compliments and commenting on my site! There are so many interesting posts on your site, but I only had time to leave a comment on one. Don’t worry I’ll revisit your site soon.

  2. Deb Sanders says:

    I doubt anyone would be interested in what I put in a time capsule. However, just for fun, I’d probably include a bottle of wine because unlike me, wine improves with age 😉

    • Deb, I would be interested in what you would put in a time capsule. HINT!HINT! However just to humor you, I found this anonymous quote, “Wine improves with age. The older I get, the better I like it.”

  3. I’d put in my ipad or laptop (if I could afford to part with them) as well as some of my clothes. Would bring some oohs and aahs and laughs from those looking back on our archaic ways.

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