Jillian’s Adventures in Twitterland

Last year I had a Cheshire cat purpose for following the little bird on Twitter. My smiling presence appeared, disappeared, and reappeared while exploring a world with reverse chronology. What was my main goal? To follow a select group of authors and agents to learn more about the publishing industry.

Sometime I felt like Alice in Twitterland, attending the Mad Hatter’s Tweet Party where everyone else understood the tweetiquette except me. There wasn’t a talking white rabbit to show me the way. Just a bird, which couldn’t speak or fly. I learned about shrinking with a Tiny URL and growing larger by increasing Followers. I was “curiouser and curiouser.”  (See links below.)

What is my main Twitter goal for this year? To connect with people in a meaningful manner, not in the Queen of Hearts racking-up-head-count way.

Do you have any Twitter advice? What are your Twitter goals for 2013?


The 10 Golden Rules of Twitter


Twitter Tools That Help With Efficiency


3 Hashtag Tips To Change Your Twitter from Drab to FAB!


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