Shopping Tips for Online Writing Workshops

1. Coupons and Giveaways Who knew sites were offering coupons? Search the hosting site or email an inquiry. Instructors often promote their workshops with contests for a free registration.

2. Payment methods Read the information carefully. One of my favorite sites discounts fees if you pay by check.

3. Labels and Product Description Don’t believe everything you read. If the information doesn’t include the lesson format (lecture, feedback, etc.) and a brief outline of the topics to be covered, contact the host site or instructor for details.

4. Help Wanted! Only experienced applicants need apply.
Check the instructor’s website, social media, interviews, and publishing history. Does the presenter have successful experience in reading or writing your genre? Ask other writers if they’ve taken the instructor’s class(es).

5. One Size Fits All! Know your comfort zone. Find out what the class size limit is. Large classes can result in delayed feedback and overwhelm the instructor and participants trying to keep up with lessons and responses.

6. Refund policy Most sites do not refund your money unless they cancel the workshop.


Romance University workshops (periodic coupons)

* / ($5.00 off for check payments)


  1. Great info, Jillian. Thanks for the tips. Would have never thought about those options.

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