Know Your Target

I’m not suggesting that you go shopping before you start writing although it’s wise to stock up on the bare necessities. Like chocolate.

There are many targeting questions to think through. At least an entire Cadbury bar’s worth. Are you going to self-publish? Will you submit your manuscript to specific publishers or lines? If so, what kind of stories do they buy?


Besides those questions, have you considered who your potential readers are? Do they want a story with angst or humor? Or both? How is the story going to fulfill your readers’ needs and wants? Knowing, refining, and remembering this information can help you stay on target as you write, but it won’t prevent the chocolate morsels from dropping between the computer keys.

Who are your potential readers?

What’s your favorite kind of chocolate or treat?



  1. I do my best to stay away from chocolate while I write. Chocolate – deep, dark chocolate with a hint of orange – is best savored with a peaceful mind. Aside from the chocolate, you’re right on about knowing your target audience and writing with them in mind. My potential readers are 50+ women with richly layered relationships and life experiences, who are learning that self-love makes a powerful difference.

    • Nanette, I should have eaten lunch before I read your comment. Now I’m carving deep, dark chocolate with a hint of orange. Thanks for sharing your target market and chocolate!-Jillian

  2. Great post. We should always be thinking about chocolate!

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