Balancing the Writer’s Life


Remember when most playgrounds had a see-saw, and how much fun it was until someone kept you up in the air or you sat on a bee like my sister did? No one wanted the see-saw to be balanced, because not moving up and down was boring.

How perspectives have changed! Most see-saws have been removed from playgrounds due to safety concerns, and I’m an adult who wants balance in my writing life. I even attended a free time management seminar. The presenter shared her life story and a tale about a seven-cow woman before running out of time.

I think I’m better off trying to find what works for me. At least until I can afford to hire a butler, maid, cook, housekeeper, chauffeur, gardener, and a virtual assistant.

How do you balance your life and writing?


Author, Tom Gillespie

Author, Jennifer R. Hubbard

A compilation of authors’ opinions about this topic:


  1. Wish I had a plan. I mostly runaround like a chicken with ADD and find some peace in the notion that the next day, I will create the master plan that will make everything work. Hasn’t happened yet. I’m starting to consider the Forest Gump plan. Just walk around and see where I’m pulled. I mean, when I drop a jar of pickles on the kitchen tile, it must be time to mop the floor.

    • Chris, I like the Forest Gump plan for household chores. I also have a Ferris Bueller philosophy. “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” No one is going to remember if the laundry was folded. They’ll remember you took the time to give them a hug, go for a walk, and buy a new jar of their favorite pickles. Thanks for commenting!-Jillian

  2. I am laughing so hard over the time management presenter running out of time! Priceless. Also, I think you are spot on with your see saw analysis. It would be boring if we had it all figured out. There’s just something so EXCITING about writing while the laundry is piling up! 🙂

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