The Golden Heart Part 2: Entering the Contest

 golden_ticket copy =  golden_ticket ?

Is being a winner or finalist a Golden Ticket to a publishing contract? It’s not a guarantee, but it attracts the attention of agents and editors. Since the contest opens to entries today, make sure your expectations are realistic and your entry is ready. Check out the links below.
Good luck! ~ Jillian


Golden Heart Guidelines:

Contests and Careers Series by Darynda Jones

Reasons for Entering by Jennie Lin, 2009 Golden Heart Winner:

Tips for Entering the Golden Heart:

From 2011 finalist, Clarissa Southwick

From 2011 finalist, Erin Knightley

Checklist from the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood blog

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Have you entered writing contests? If so, what advice do you have?

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