Is Your Crystal Ball Set in 2013 or 2014?

Personal Epiphanies and Publishing Predictions

The Crystal Ball
by John Williams Waterhouse (1902)


  1. This blog should have been posted on Epiphany, Jan. 6th. I’m already behind, and it’s only nine days into a new year. (At least you didn’t have to watch me sprint down the street chasing after the garbage truck while wearing my pajamas and leaving a trail of volume curlers littering the street.)
  2. The woman in the painting reminds me of Lady Mary on Downton Abbey except she’s not wearing black this season.
  3. Hey! There’s a skull next to the book. I wonder if someone will think it’s a subliminal or blatant message that traditional publishing is dead. (It’s not.)


  1. For the next week or more, I’ll be functioning as if it’s last year.
    (See #1 above.)
  2. The knowledgeable and timely people listed below have some interesting predictions about publishing this year.
  3. Links to their posts will be provided.

(I told you so. See Predictions #3 above.)

Bob Mayer at Write It Forward

Jane Litte at Dear Author

Jeremy Greenfield at Digital Book World

Kristen Lamb at Kristen Lamb’s Blog

Mike Shatzkin at Idea Logical Company

Molly Greene at Molly Greene: Writer


What are your personal epiphanies and publishing predictions?

Alternate activity for those of you still stuck in 2013 like me: As fast as you can, repeat “It’s 2014.”  a minimum of fourteen times. Let me know if it helps. I might try it.


  1. Predictions! Aaah! Some of these are super exciting (agents need authors more than ever!) and some are a little scary (bookstore closings due to continual increase in digital sales)…okay, a LOT scary!! I will ALWAYS want to read print books. But even I own a few in my cloud account. *sigh* The world is changing…

    Thanks for sharing these links!

    PS – My personal interpretation of the skull by the book in the picture above…books will outlast the lives of every one of us. (Hey, a girl can dream!)

    • You’re welcome, Tammy! I agree there are some exciting and scary predictions about publishing. Although I have different book formats from e-books to audio CDs, I always buy a print copy of books I love. Thanks for sharing your personal predictions!~Jillian

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