The Golden Heart Part 6: What Do the Judges’ Scores Look Like?

Unfortunately participants who enter writing contests don’t receive their scores as quickly as the athletes participating in the Olympics. The results of writing contests aren’t revealed until months afterward. Lucky finalists receive their notifications first, usually by phone. Then the scores are e-mailed. In most contests the scores include optional comments from the judges but not in the Golden Heart contest.


scorecardsWhat do the judges’ scores look like? First-time Golden Heart judges and contestants have asked me this question recently. My answer is based on the scoring rubric and information sent last year.

  1. Each of the 5 individual judge’s numerical scores for romance, plot / story, writing, and characters plus a total are displayed in a rubric.
  2. The highest and lowest totals are dropped, and the 3 middle totals are averaged together for the final score.
  3. The ranges for the final scores are listed to aid contestants in evaluating how their entry compared to others in that category. (Please note that ranges vary from year to year due to the actual numerical scores and number of entries submitted.)

Are you a Golden Heart judge, contestant, or both? What’s your opinion of this year’s ruling allowing entrants to judge their own category?


Scoring Guidelines for Judging The Golden Heart Contest


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The Golden Heart Part 7 in Mar. 2014

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