Social Media for Writers Simplified*


TWITTER: I am writing.



FACEBOOK: I like writing.



INSTAGRAM: Here’s a photo of my writing.



YOUTUBE: Watch me writing.



LINKEDIN: My skills include writing.



PINTEREST: Here’s a recipe for my favorite writing snack.



4-SQUARE: This is where I write.



GOOGLE+: I am a Google employee who writes.


What’s your favorite social media and why?

 ~ Jillian


*Inspired by Social Media DE-MYSTIFIED



  1. Love this, Jillian! I’ll be sharing it. 🙂

    • Thanks, Haley! Just be sure to mention my post was inspired by Social Media De-mystified, which used donuts rather than writing as an example.~Jillian

  2. Ha! Love it!! And now I feel I must write. 😉

  3. Google Plus is also necessary for Google Authorship

    • Hi, Marina! Thanks for adding valuable information about Google authorship! I should have mentioned it was strictly a tongue-in-cheek post.~Jillian

      • I know, it’s quite amusing :). Was just explaining Google Authorship to Samantha Moon and she showed me your site (the two things were unrelated…sorry, I have much fuzzy thinking thanks to a cold).

      • No worries, Marina. In case any newbie or new to social media writers read this post, I wanted them to know I was joking, and they should pay attention to what you said about Google Authorship. Hope you feel better soon.~Jillian

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