2014 Golden Heart® Finalists Update: Dresses, Pins, and Photos! Oh, My!

Some finalists bought WOW! dresses for the awards ceremony. Sorry. I won’t reveal any sneak peeks. You’ll have to wait until Sat., July 26th. We ordered pins for our group, the Dream Weavers, and will wear them on our badges at the Romance Writers of America® ( RWA® ) conference later this month. Since the Dream Weaver pins haven’t arrived yet, I can’t show them to you either. However, I can share this photo of the Golden Heart® pin and reception invitation each of us received in the mail.


©2014 RWA® Photo by Jillian Lark

©2014 RWA® Photo by Jillian Lark

RWA® posted our photos right below the 2014 RITA® finalists’ photos on the awards section of the organization’s website. Absolutely thrilling! We can’t believe we’re on the same page with our favorite published romance authors. You can see their photos and ours by clicking here.


  1. I’m so excited for you! I’ll send a cyber cheer when you walk down that aisle and receive your award because we all know you’re going to win!

    • Thanks, Deb! Each 2014 Golden Heart finalist deserves to win. What an incredible group of talented authors! I’m truly honored to be a Dream Weaver with them. Miss you. ~Jillian

  2. So, it’s not a dream…sweet!

    • Hi, Lee! Glad I’m not the only one who was shocked into reality when RWA posted photos of the 2014 Golden Heart finalists. Thanks for commenting!~Jillian

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