Hiatus Through Spring 2017

Wheat Field with a Lark by Vincent Van Gogh (1887) http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Van_Gogh_-_Getreidefeld_mit_Mohnblumen_und_Lerche.jpeg

Wheat Field with a Lark by Vincent Van Gogh (1887)

I’m taking an unplanned break from blogging and most social media through Spring 2017. I’ll be on Twitter when I can, so look for me there.

In the meantime, please explore my blog. If you’re interested in the RWA® Golden Heart® contest, search “Golden Heart” to view related posts. Since the entry and scoring rules vary each year, please click the link below for current changes.


My apologies to blog visitors and readers for the extended absence. To follow me on Twitter, click the icon in the right side bar. If you wish to reach me, please use the contact page. All comments and replies to this post will be private.

Thanks and Best Wishes!~Jillian