Historical Romance Author Haley Whitehall


Haley lives in Washington State where she enjoys all four seasons and the surrounding wildlife. She writes historicals set in the 19th century U.S. When she is not researching or writing, she plays with her cats, watches the Western and History Channels, and goes antiquing. She is hoping to build a time machine so she can go in search of her prince charming. A good book, a cup of coffee, and a view of the mountains make her happy.

This month Haley has two historical romance releases, Soldier in Her Lap released on April 4th and Midnight Kiss releasing on April 14th.



April 4, 2014 Decadent Publishing

Trapped by her alcoholic, abusive father, Sophia Carpenter longs to escape her life of drudgery on her father’s dirt farm in Clark Springs, Georgia. Making matters worse, her father’s scared off every man who tried to call on her. She longs for freedom, but with the Civil War raging, even fewer men are available to fulfill her dreams—unless a soldier landed in her lap.

Conscripted into a war he never wanted to fight, Lucas Grady is tired of battle and refuses to lay his life down for a lost cause. After a musket ball tears through his leg, he deserts from the ambulance wagon rather than risk a field surgeon’s saw. He barely makes it to Sophia’s farm before collapsing.

The wounded soldier’s arrival seems like a dream come true, but first she must save him from his injuries—and her father. As forbidden attraction blooms between them, they will have to struggle to survive. Can their love overcome so many obstacles or will they become another casualty of the War Between the States?

Midnight Kiss (Moonlight Romance, Book 3)

April 14, 2014 Liquid Silver Books

Unjustly accused of stealing, nanny April Windmire is turned out on the streets without pay. With no place to go and no friends, she stows away on a Mississippi River steamboat. Her hopes to hide through the journey to St. Louis are dashed when a handsome white officer finds her. But instead of turning her in, he takes her to his private quarters where she fights her growing attraction to a man she cannot have.

Matt Seever’s wife died four year ago, leaving him alone with two small mulatto children. But his job as an officer on the Queen Bee isn’t family friendly. He knows he needs a new wife, but no southern white woman will marry him. When April lands in his lap, his prayers are answered. Or are they? April’s not the trusting type and racial prejudice runs deep in post-Civil War Missouri. Just when Matt convinces April he loves her, his new family becomes a target and there’s no backing down from this fight.

Together, April and Matt must brave heinous race prejudice crimes to find an enduring love.

Congratulations on your two new releases, Haley!



Twitter @HaleyWhitehall


Soldier in Her Lap (April 4th):

Midnight Kiss (April 14th)


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Off the Map and Upside Down Giveaway with NA author, Lia Riley


Lia and I became CPs when we were finalists in the 2012 Make It Golden contest sponsored by the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood. I had the flu, and Lia contacted me to make sure I didn’t miss the deadline for final round submissions. That’s how she rolls, and we’ve been mutual supporters ever since. I’m thrilled to host Lia and her debut novel, UPSIDE DOWN (Off the Map #1).



1. UPSIDE DOWN is set primarily in Australia. What do you think it is about Australia that so captivates people’s imaginations? And why is Australia the perfect place for romance?

I jumped on a Qantas flight the month before my twenty-first birthday for a study-abroad trip. My expectations were simple: cross the equator, pass the International Date Line and rock out (er, study REALLY HARD) for six months. Instead, I discovered a place that has become my second home.

First and foremost, I love Australians. I mean that quite literally. I married one–the perfect souvenir! Generally speaking, Australians excel at dry wit and have one heck of an anti-authoritarian streak. To me, nothing is sexier than a sense of humor, and when the guy making the jokes has a hot accent and cheeky grin?  Life=made!

Secondly, to say that Australia’s landscape is dramatic is an epic understatement. The continent’s isolation has spawned animal, plant and human diversity that are like nowhere else on the planet. Even a quick jaunt into the wilderness yields a bone-deep sense that you are in an ancient place.

This is a country of extremes. When it’s hot, it’s bloody hot. When animals are poisonous, it means they can kill you with one bite. When there’s a storm rolling in from the Southern Ocean? Those waves are going to be huge.

So if you fall in love in such a place? Buckle up–the ride’s going to be intense.

2. What are three words describe your hero? Heroine?

The three words I’d choose for Bran are:

  • Temperamental
  • Perceptive
  • Magnetic

The three words I’d choose for Talia are:

  • Sensitive
  • Playful
  • Self-deprecating

3. Can you describe your book in five words or less? 

Offbeat. Witty. Wanderlust. Heart-searching. Chemistry.

4. What did you do before writing?

Drink less! I kid, I kid. But if you ever want to see a KICKASS Michael Jackson lip-synch, slip me a bottle of tequila. I can “Man in the Mirror” you to tears. I have worked in non-profit middle management, as a legislative assistant, and barista. I’m pretty sure my mom believes I still “pour coffee.”

5. What’s your dream travel destination?

I have a massive Antarctica fetish (I’ve been once. A penguin sat on my lap. Yes, it was bliss). My ultimate trip would be to South Georgia Island smack dab in the Southern Ocean. I’d also love to visit Madagascar, Iceland, Svalbard, Palau…islands are sort of my thing.

upside_downUpside Down by Lia Riley
(Off the Map #1)
Published by: Grand Central
Publication date: August 5th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


If You Never Get Lost, You’ll Never Be Found

Twenty-one-year-old Natalia Stolfi is saying goodbye to painful memories—and turning her life upside down with a trip to the land down under. For the next six months, she’ll pretend to be a carefree exchange student. Everything is going to plan until she meets a surly surfer with hypnotic green eyes, and the troubling ability to see straight through her act.

Bran Lockhart is having the worst year on record. After the girl of his dreams turned into a nightmare, he slunk back to Melbourne to piece his life together. Yet no amount of disappointment could blind him to the pretty California girl who gets past all his defenses. He’s never wanted anyone the way he wants Talia. A single semester abroad won’t  cover something this serious. But when Bran gets a stark reminder of why he stopped believing in love, he and Talia must decide if what they have is once-in-a-lifetime . . . or if there’s a plane to California with her name on it.

EXCERPT: UPSIDE DOWN (Off the Map #1) by Lia Riley

“Never have I ever worn handcuffs,” I say.

Bran reaches over, yanks the lid off the water bottle and takes a sip.

“Really?” My stomach lurches at the idea of another girl within five feet of him.

“Once. Wasn’t for me. I prefer more control, you know?”

“Nope—not really.” My sex life is shorter than a haiku. I bite my inner cheek and pretend not to notice his gaze slant toward me. “All right, Kink Boy, your turn.”

“Never have I ever done something I regret.”

I giggle but he looks dead serious. “Wow, that must make you alone in the universe.” I take a drink.

“Your smile, it lights up your whole face, but your eyes stay sad.”

Is he being serious or is this yet another bait? “Never have I ever sleepwalked.”

Bran drinks. “When I was eight, my neighbors woke to me in their bedroom. Don’t remember a thing. Lucky they didn’t call the coppers.”

“Whoa, crazy. Do you still do it?”

“Sometimes. Lock your door tonight. Let’s see. . .never have I ever shot a gun.”

I don’t drink.

“Isn’t that Anti-American?”

“I’m a pacifist. Never have I ever kissed in the rain.”

“This is the single most depressing fact I’ve ever heard.” He drinks.

“Hence my sad eyes.”

Traffic starts moving. I hang my hand out the window and hot wind blows through my fingers.



I stiffen. No one ever calls me that except for my mom. “How’d you know my full name?”

“Read the luggage tag on your bag—Natalia Stolfi.”

“Oh, right.” I shake my head and regroup. “Is it true you have no regrets, not even one?” Hopefully he has no idea how serious I am about his response.

“There’s no point.” His fingers tighten infinitesimally on the wheel. “The past is past. End of story.”

“Like whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?”

“No, that’s a dumb ass cliché. I mean there’s no meaning to life, despite what people pretend. Once I figured that out, everything got easier.”

“Has anyone ever said you are intense?”

“Since the day I was born.”

Lia Riley: http://www.liariley.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LiaRileyWrites
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18733288-upside-down?ac=1

Amazon Purchase: http://www.amazon.com/Upside-Down-Off-Map-Riley-ebook/dp/B00H25FLWS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1392359538&sr=8-1&keywords=upside+down+lia+riley

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Writer Fairy of the Week: Chris Campillo

A couple of years ago, Chris and I discovered we lived near each other. Since we were already in the same local RWA chapter, critique group, and writer’s book club, we started carpooling to writing events.

A one-size-fits-all super mom/wife/substitute teacher/writer, Chris puts the Energizer Bunny, Excel spreadsheets, and Nora Ephron to shame. I would say Erma Bombeck, but I’m not sure it’s flattering to compare a friend to a deceased humorist. I never know what Chris and I will discuss, but I know we will have fun whether rum is involved or not.

Chris writes contemporary single title romance about “real women, sexy men, lots of laughs.” Her manuscript, SAIL AWAY, finaled in the 2011 RWA® Golden Heart Contest. Her most recent manuscript, DON’T COME BACK, finaled in the 2012 Utah RWA Great Beginnings Contest.

As a “self-confessed worrywart,” Chris blogs about life with comical verve. She covers topics from “Thirty-Seven Shades of Pink” to parenting to pets to projects to time travel. Click here to visit her website. www.chriscampillo.com

P.S. Chris also hosts a not-to-be missed caroling party each year. Just ring the doorbell and don’t forget the rum cake. Cake optional.

Writer Fairy of the Week: Cheryl Rae

Although Cheryl and I were in the same local RWA chapter, we really didn’t meet until serendipity intervened. She wanted to sell one of her Mac computers at the same time I needed to buy a newer Mac. Desperately. (When you have to use the Rosetta Stone to translate data, you’ve waited too long to upgrade. Just saying.)

When it was time for my website to awaken after six month’s hibernation, I contacted Cheryl. True, there would be a beautiful header when visitors clicked on my site. However, unless Cheryl uploaded, re-sized, and wrapped my photos and text, there would be nothing else to see and read. Not an effective way to create a web presence.

What I like best is working with Cheryl. Besides being patient with people who are technologically challenged, she solves problems promptly. When I send emails that begin with “You know that thing that filters stuff out,” she understands what I mean. I wish I could do a Vulcan mind meld on her brain. It sounds less painful than installing the Rosetta Stone on mine.

That’s why I’m letting Cheryl tell you about herself and talents for the rest of this post. You’ll see what I mean.

Cheryl Rae Fine artist, graphic artist, webmaster and hopeful published author/screenwriter.

I create works of art for galleries, web design, romance trading cards, book marks, You name it! A bonafide SyFy junkie, I work from home and create one of a kind mosaics and dream up wild ideas to write about.

My WIP’s include:

an historical romance set in the civil war period, North Carolina about the first woman lawyer in America entitled Illusions.

a contemporary sci-fi thriller about a dream center and stolen identities entitled Just a Dream.

a dystopian mainstream about people being born with crop circles tattooed on their arms entitled Gaia Children.

This is one of my mosaic triptych’s. It’s called “Woman.”

Email me! Cheryl Rae



Writer Whisperer of the Week: Gary Brandt

You’re not in the wrong place. This week Gary Brandt is my first male honoree. Being the princess that I am, I’ve proclaimed him Writer Whisperer of the Week.

I used to meet with Gary and other writers from our local RWA chapter. Sometimes he and I were the only ones who came. We critiqued each other’s work, but I know he helped me more than I helped him.

Gary is terrific at catching detailed errors in logic, which frankly is not how my brain works. Having access to his male writer’s point of view is invaluable. I also love reading his stories and have three favorite ones I want to share.

“Hot Link” is a short story about a lawyer, who Googles his name and sees a link to another man with the same name. When the lawyer clicks on the link, he becomes the other man. I’m ready to pay money to see this story at the movie theater, and I bet I’m not alone. Gary, what are you waiting for? Pitch and sell it!

One of These Nights is a WIP (Work in Progress). It’s a paranormal novel with a twist. The hero is a hairdresser in a small town, which is invaded by the Devil and his half human daughter. Gary, please watch Zombieland and finish this novel.

Gary and I like the same movies, even the ones that weren’t big box office hits. I was excited and apprehensive when he told me about Bourne Beginning. It’s the prequel to the other books and movies in the series. The novel covers Jason Bourne’s life before Treadstone and his previous and current relationship with Nicky Parsons. Gary has my permission to finish this novel, too, with one condition. DO NOT KILL NICKY PARSONS! The princess has spoken.

Here’s a list of Gary’s works, which are an interesting mix of science fiction and romance.

Short Stories – Only If You Catch Me, Hot Link, A Christmas With Spirit (2nd place winner in the Lockhart Eugene Clark Library Contest), Just Your Thoughts; Maybe Not, Chooser of the Slain, Dancin’ in the Moonlight

Novels – Trashcan Baby and The Solerian Connection series: Book 1 Solerian Waterfall, Book 2 The Hybrid Robotic Automobile, Book 3 Solerian Honeymoon, Book 4 The Rescues (WIP)

Other WIP – One of These Nights and Bourne Beginning


Gary doesn’t have a website yet. If you’re a literary agent, editor, or movie producer interested in Gary’s writing, send an email to this site. I’ll forward it to him. What are you waiting for?

WRITER FAIRY OF THE WEEK: Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Laurie and I have never met in person although our dust bunnies probably have. Neither of us likes housecleaning.

I met Laurie through one of her terrific online courses. Besides learning how to write an effective synopsis, I loved experiencing the special way Laurie encouraged the other writers and me. She prefers live and lively classes, so she can provide in depth and personal instruction. Me, too!

In case you were wondering about Laurie’s writing credentials, she’s one of a few writers who have ever beat out Nora Roberts for a writing award, Romantic Times’ Best of the Year. Don’t miss your chance to take one of her classes soon! Here’s a list of the next three classes.



August 6th-31st BLURBING YOUR BOOK


To find out more about Laurie and details for her workshops, click here. www.booklaurie.com/

Laurie, thanks for your continued interest in my writing and for the thing I’m not supposed to mention until next year! I hope my dust bunnies don’t find out. They can’t keep a secret even though I make them sit in the corner.

Writer Fairy of the Week: Sue Morrow

I met Sue at the YMCA a few years ago. It was about time! We had previously lived in two other places at the same time going through identical life experiences without bumping into each other. We’re the exception to the small town rule about everyone knows everything about everyone.

Sue and I finish each other’s sentences and “read” each other’s thoughts. That’s not too unusual for close friends except those connections were instantaneous. Sue calls me on the phone at the exact moment I’m calling her or vice versa.

The adventures we share are sometimes bizarre but always fun. Who doesn’t want a bird flying inside their car, a waitress sitting in their booth while they eat, or a movie projector exploding five minutes before the film ends?

Many of my writer friends say their non-writer friends don’t understand what it’s like to be a writer. Sue isn’t a writer, but she understands and supports my writing life. Without my asking, Sue brings groceries, mails packages, and anything else I need when I have a deadline. She doesn’t get angry if days or weeks go by without one of our adventures.

I know how fortunate I am to have Sue in my life. That’s why she’s my Writer Fairy every day. Sue, thanks for being you and for being my friend!

Sue and I are going to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel movie the third week in May. You might want to go some other time.


Haley Whitehall and Nanette Littlestone
Haley and Nanette are terrific online editing partners, and I couldn’t feature one without the other. The three of us met by chance, but we’ve never met in person or talked on the phone.

We took back-to-back writing classes with expert instructor, Margie Lawson.* Deep-edits and dialogue cues and body language! Oh, my!  Fifty page lectures and questions and rewrites! Oh, ____! (Insert expletive of your choice.)

Due to Nanette and Haley’s support I survived what seemed like a yearlong slumber party. I don’t think I’ve caught up on my sleep, but I’d go through the experience again as long as they were my editing partners. I value their friendship and the fact that they appreciate my wacky emails.

These ladies have unique talents as writers, too. Here are their author bios in alphabetical order by first name.

Haley Whitehall is an Indie author who writes historical fiction set in the U.S. during the nineteenth century. She published her debut novel Living Half Free in February 2012. Her goal is to shed light on little-known history and as a result her out-of-the-box stories often feature an underdog. To find out more about Haley click here.

Nanette Littlestone is a freelance editor, author, graphic designer, and food lover. She has an affinity for words, relationships, ancient Rome, and Celtic things and places. Her upcoming novel, The Sacred Flameis book one in a women’s fiction trilogy, which explores the wonders and heartbreak of love from ancient Rome to 1940’s Ireland. To find out more about Nanette, click here.

*I hope to feature the fabulous Margie Lawson on this blog soon.

Writer Fairy of the Week: Deb Sanders!

Deb was the first member of my RWA (Romance Writer’s of America) chapter to invite me to write at a coffee shop. I think my first newbie questions were  “Who is WIP?” and “Is head-hopping POV contagious?”

Deb smiled and answered questions for two hours without any attempt to escape through the nearest exit. To my amazement, she asked if I wanted to meet on a weekly basis. I had found my first Writer Fairy.

Despite two out-of-state moves, a full time job, and pursuing her writing career, Deb continues to smile and answer my questions. Actually I’m not sure if she’s smiling, but that’s how I prefer to imagine her. For all I know, she could be putting a Jillian-asked-another-question notch underneath her writing desk. In which case, she’s probably writing on the floor by now.

Without Deb my website wouldn’t have its beautiful lark header, and my business cards would be blank on one side. Worst of all, I wouldn’t have a wonderful friend and supporter of my writing career. Deb, you’re the best!

Deb writes romantic suspense and paranormal novels and published her first Indie book in November 2011. She is listed at #38 in the IReaderReview list of the TOP 50 INDIE AUTHORS for April 2012.

Learn more about Deb and what she’s up to by clicking HERE.

For more information about the Birth of the Writer Fairy or to ask a question about writing, go to the ASK the Writer Fairy blog.