Scandalous schemers circumvent the rules and laws of Victorian Society.gate

Book 1: Much Ado About Scandal

Lady Selborne has found the man she wishes to marry. Unfortunately he’s not her husband. Lord Selborne has found the life he always wanted. Unfortunately he’s not free to live it.

The estranged couple decides to end their arranged marriage the only honorable way allowed by Victorian law. One of them has to die – a faux death.

To avoid suspicion they must convince Society they are a loving couple. That is, if they can agree who should be the “victim” and protect their hearts from a painful past and unexpected desire.

2014 Golden Heart® Finalist
2013 Maggie Award for Excellence, Second Place
2013 Rebecca Contest, Second Place

Works in Progress:
Book 2:
Inventing Lord Remington (Remington Steele for the Victorian age)
To save her late father’s company, a woman creates an imaginary husband. When a con artist assumes her fake husband’s identity, she must risk her reputation, the family business, and her heart.




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